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Lower Penderleath Campsite,

Lower Penderleath  Campsite , is located at  Lower Penderleath  Farm, Towednack, St.Ives  cornwall,

The  site  is  3 miles from St.Ives and  5 miles  from Penzance,  The site is for Tents and Bivouac only.

The Campsite has all modern  conveniences with plumbed in toilets and showers. There is an outdoor washing up  area for pots , pans and  utensils, with  hot and cold running water,( the water on site  has" pure mineral water"  status.)


Local Surfing orientations are available,( see at  reception.)

Foot paths  are close to the  site  and join up  with routes to both coasts.

Buses and Taxi's can  be boarded to  St.Ives  or  Penzance , ( times and information  at  reception ) 

Small  camp  fires  or BBQ's are allowed, certain  rules apply and  help  can be given  Campers  must  bring their  own  wood / coals/gas,  (these can  be  purchaced locally  at  Petrol stations/supermarkets.( No Scavenging )   


One Tent  a vehicle and  2 adults £14.50 per night

 Additional  children     -    £3.50 per night.

Additional  adult          -    £5.00 per night  

Aditional Vehicle          -    £5.00 per night

Additional Tent              -   £5.00 per night

No  liability is  accepted by the Farm,or the Management for any mishaps due to accident or tomfoolery, however anyone acting in a manneras to upset or concern other campers  will be  asked to leave the site .CCTV cameras are in place and  all registration  numbers are  taken.

For more  information and bookings Please  call : 07723014567

or e mail :rusrogers@hotmail.com


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